Quentin's dual Dayton 10 inch car speakers:
2 Dayton 10" woofers, PE # 295-315
Pioneer 5.25" tuned cup midrange, PE # 280-020
Dayton 1" titanium dome tweeter, PE # 275-045
Sealed, 80% fiberglass stuffed, heavily braced 0.75" mdf (except baffle is 1.5")
Destination:  Automobile (4 ohm load!)
Finish:  Carpeting as shown below:
Clio testing:  All measurements made at 1 meter.  On axis refers to tweeter.  Smoothing is 1/6 octave.  After initial testing we found it necessary to add a
parallel notch filter to remove a midrange peak at about 1 kHz.  The peak is still barely visible.  The crossover is 1st order low pass at 600 Hz, 1st order bandpass at 400 Hz and 3000 Hz, and 2nd order high pass at 3000 Hz.  There are Zobels on the bass and midrange drivers, plus a 3 dB L-pad on the midrange in addition to the notch filter.  The crossover was designed after woofer break-in and testing using the Woofer Tester.  Crossover parts are listed to right.
This should be labeled 45 degrees
This should be labeled 60 degrees
  Quentin's crossover network:
High pass capacitor 3.6 uF (bypassed)
High pass inductor  0.79 mH (hand wound
                                          16 gauge)
Band pass capacitor  48 uF (cascaded and
Band pass inductor  0.44 mH (hand wound)
Band pass resistor (series) 4.3 ohm
Band pass resistor (parallel)  17 ohm
Band pass Zobel   7 ohm, 10 uF
Band pass parallel notch filter 24 uF, 7 ohm,
                         and 0.6 mH (hand wound)
Low pass inductor   0.93 mH (hand wound)
Low pass Zobel   3.5 ohm and 100 uF