Yer's MTM Loudspeaker Project
Yer's goals: distinctive looks, shielded drivers (so won't bother TV), good bass, low cost.  Her solution:
           Peerless 830344, 6.5" drivers (PE #299-182, soldout, 4 ohms each, wired in series) and Tangband 28-847SA (PE #264-822), MTM, vented, electrical 2nd order crossover network centered at 2000 Hz
How do they sound?  She is thrilled with them.  The bass she sought is solid, but the imaging is more than she expected.  They sound quite transparent to me, clean and uncolored.  Of course Yer went overboard on the insides: extensive cross bracing, sheet panel damping (PE vinyl), acoustic foam and Acousta stuff, 1.5 inch baffle (.75 inch elsewhere).  They are carpet covered with colored felt decorations.  She spent about 25 hours of labor (spread over 10 weeks) and the parts cost is about $160 total.  She'll be taking them to college this fall.  Yer is my first loudspeaker building student not in one of my physics classes (she's in my AP calculus class).