Sealed Box Design:
Ashley's woofers have an EBD of about 70 (ratio of Fs to Qes) and can easily be used with sealed or vented boxes.  Vented boxes would have produced much deeper bass.  Ashley chose the smaller size and snappier bass of the sealed enclosure model.  Her speakers will have to travel with her to a dorm room as she goes off to college.  She has enabled an even smaller size without sacrificing good sound by the use of resistive vents.  The box dimensions follow:
External:  Height =  17 inches
              Width  =  10 inches
              Depth  =   7.5 inches

All walls made of .75 inch mdf

One shelf brace and 4 corner braces (all 0.75 inch mdf)

Calculated Vb  =  .414 cubic feet

Calculated Qtc  =  0.72

Calculated F3  =  69 Hz

5 walls (not baffle) lined with asphalt damping pads

Stuffing:  Fiberglass to about 67% volume (everywhere except a path from woofer to Scan Speak resistive vent)

Only other internal objects are woofer and tweeter motors as crossover network is external.

Ready for sanding