Revised Dayton Silk Dome Tweeter Data
Dan Carroll brought one of the new Dayton silk dome tweeters (PE #275-070)over for Clio testing and comparison to the original design.  The following plots were all made with the tweeter faceplate at a 5 cm distance from the microphone and the driver mounted on a 20 inch high stack of acoustic foam pads and in a large cardboard baffle (dimensions to all edges far greater than the wavelengths at Fs and above).  All measurements are on axis.
The values listed upper left for 2nd and 3rd order harmonic distortion are for 2000 Hz.  As you can see, 2nd harmonic distortion drops slowly from this value as the frequency increases.  Third harmonic distortion drops even faster.
The typical double hump in impedance of the rear chambered dome tweeter overlaps too much to estimate Fs.  But from the phase plot below, it is about 800 Hz.  This is definitely lower than than any of the dozen or so originals that I have tested.