Linda liked her sister's loudspeakers so much (built last year by Liz and shown at the West Coast DIY in Rocklin, Ca) that she built a pair using the same drivers.  She modeled her box and crossover from scratch, however, as big sis's files were lost in a computer crash.  Drivers: Vifa XT25 tweeter, Vifa aluminum cone midrange (made for Infinity), and HiFi F8 woofer.  Box: vented with sealed midrange chamber.  The drivers were donated by various kind souls.  She did a marvelous job cosmetically.  Lefty and dB will assess their functionality later this morning.
Elisa also built a three-way system (again thanks to kind donations of drivers, she was able to create a system she could not afford to buy).  Drivers: HiVi RT2HA planar tweeter, Vifa-made AlNiCo midrange, HiVi W10 woofer.  Box: vented with sealed midrange chamber.  She isn't thrilled with the cosmetic job but the sound is, well, quite nice.  I'll wait for Lefty and dB's report on their performance.